Azerbaijani Women's Association in the UK

Name of Association

The name of the Organisation shall be Azerbaijani Women's Association in the UK hereafter referred to as the "AWA UK".


The aim of AWA UK is to connect Azerbaijani women living in the UK by providing a social forum to reinvigorate their Azerbaijani networks.

Activities dedicated to delivering this aim may involve (but will not be limited to):
a) Networking events to  bring together Azerbaijani women  around themes of mutual interest.
b) Mentoring programmes- in person or online- focused on topics voted by members of the association
c) fundraising events where members can invite guests to raise money for Charities supported by AWA UK Executive  Committee

Further activities may be determined by the Executive Committee.

Type of Organization:

The AWA UK shall be non-profit, non-partisan and secular in nature, promoting its aims without discrimination as to race, age, language or origin. Any profits or accretions to the AWA UK shall be used to promote its aim.

AWA shall not bear responsibility for any individual or collective actions of its’ members should they be politically motivated or otherwise go against the ethos of AWA UK.  The Association reserves the right to cancel membership should such incidents occur. 

Executive Committee:

AWA shall have an Executive Committee consisting of the following officers fulfilling the following duties:

Honorary President

The Honorary President of AWA UK to shall be ex-officio the wife of serving  Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the UK.  As soon as a serving Ambassador leaves the  posting and the new Ambassador is appointed, the spouse of the Ambassador will be offered the role of an Honorary President of AWA UK, and may accept or decline the offer at their own discretion.

The Honorary Presidentshall be a key member of the Executive Committee and integral to decisions which govern the activities of AWA UK.  Honorary President will also carry an important externally facing role, promoting the aim and activities of AWA UK among other peer organizations , and enlisting the required support for advancing the Association (e.g. for becoming a member of FIWAL). 

President shall be responsible for the overall management and direction of the business and general affairs of the AWA UK and the Committee.  The President is authorized to operate AWA UK bank account and the account signing rule. 

Vice President shall perform such duties as are designated by the President and shall assume the power and duties of the President in her absence until further notice. The President is authorized to operate AWA UK bank account and the account signing rule. 

Treasurer is authorized to operate AWA UK bank account and the account signing rule.  The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds of the AWA UK and shall keep an accurate account thereof in such a place as designated by the Committee. She shall receive and expend all such funds according to an established procedure approved by the President.  The Treasurer shall report on the annual accounts and provide a statement of receipts and expenditures for the previous finance year.

The individual members of AWAUK committee will carry an honorary committee member status indefinitely at the end of their first AWAUK committee term.
Appointment and Retirement of the Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee members of the AWA UK shall be elected by members at Annual General Meeting.

The President shall hold her post in the Committee for a maximum term of two years and may be appointed by the committee for an additional term. All other Committee members shall hold their positions for a maximum term of one year and may be-reappointed for one additional year by the Committee.

Should an office become vacant, the Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint a successor for the remainder of the term.

The Executive Committee is responsible for  ensuring that all records and documentation relating to the Committee and AWA UK members are maintained and managed appropriately, with due regard to compliance with laws and regulations, confidentiality and preserving the reputation of the AWA UK on the whole.

All the AWA UK related documentation, meetings minutes, records of receipts, annual reports shall be kept in order and be submitted to the President of the next Executive Committee by the end of the term of current working Executive Committee.

In the event that the President or any Executive Committee member cannot fulfill their duties the new President or new Committee members should be elected by majority of the AWA UK  members during next AWA UK meeting.

Meetings and Decision-Making

a) The Committee shall meet at least four times a year.

b) Meetings shall be held at such time and place as designated by the President upon giving two week notice to all Committee members.

c) The quorum of the meeting of the Executive Committee shall be at least 3 Committee members.

d) Any decision of the Committee members must be by majority of the Committee Members present.



Those eligible for AWA UK membership (including Committee and Patrons) shall be:

a) Women born in Azerbaijan

b) Women whose mother or father were born in Azerbaijan

c) Women married to Azerbaijani; and

d) Women who have a genuine interest in Azerbaijan (those persons falling in this category shall be proposed by two members of AWA in writing to the Executive Commitee)

Application for membership

Application for membership is subject to action by Executive Committee and must be submitted using the method communicated via AWA UK communication channels.

The Executive  Committee may only refuse an application for membership if, acting reasonably and properly, they consider it to be in the best interests of the AWA UK to refuse the application.

The Executive Committee must inform the applicants in writing of the reasons for the refusal within twenty-one business days of the decision.

Annual membership fees shall be payable by all members of the AWA UK in the amount determined by the Executive Committee and approved by AWA UK President.

The annual membership fees is payable within 2 weeks upon the acceptance of application for membership. 

The membership fees (Currently established at £20 per annum) contribute towards the  costs  of administration of the AWA UK, to subsidize fees for the AWA UK events and to produce promo material.

Termination of Membership

a) Membership is not transferable to a third party.

b) Membership is terminated if:

a) the member dies or the AWA UK ceases exist;
b) the member resigns by written notice to the AWA UK
c) if any sum due from the member to AWA UK is not paid in full within 30 business days after it has fallen due;
d) the member is removed from membership by a resolution of the Executive Committee that it is in the best interest of the AWA UK that her membership be terminated.


(a) The Founder of AWA UK Ulviyya Taghizade, is the wife of Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the UK (2014- till now)

(c) The AWA UK was founded in London in October 2017

(b) The name of the founder of AWA UK can not be changed and should stay in written in a Constitution of AWA UK.

Disqualification and Removal of Executive Committee Members

AWA UK Executive Committee Member shall cease to hold office if she

(a) resigns by giving written notice to the AWA;

(b) is absent without permission from all their meetings held within a period of 3 month;

(d) the Committee has reasonable doubt that the member in question has become physically or mentally incapable of managing her membership in the Committee and resolve that she be removed from Committee and AWA UK itself.

(e) she ceases to be a member of AWA UK;

(d) she is removed by Committee from AWA UK in the best interest of the AWA UK.
A resolution to remove someone from Association may be only passed if:

a. She was given 21 business day notice by the Committee with regard to a meeting at which resolution will be proposed and the reasons behind it.

Annual General Meeting

(a) There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the AWA UK

(b) The Annual General Meeting of the AWA shall be held at such time and on such day in each year as the Committee may determine for the purpose of getting reports and statements ready, and for the transaction of any other business that may properly be brought before the Annual General Meeting and that is contained in Agenda of that meeting.

(c)  Notice of the time and place of each Annual General Meeting and accompanying documents shall be circulated by the Secretary in written or electronically to the Committee members and AWA UK members.

(d) No business shall be transacted at any Annual General Meeting unless the quorum is present.

(e) The quorum for the General Annual Meeting shall consist of 50% of the members of AWA UK. Where urgency is required, members may vote electronically for this particular purpose.

Members meeting

(a) All Members meeting,
 other than Annual General Meeting shall be called General Meetings

(b) The Committee may call General Meeting at any time.

(c) Notice of the time and place of each General Meeting and accompanying documents shall be circulated by the Committee in writing or

(d) A General Meeting may be called by shorter notice, if it is so agreed by all the members entitled to attend and vote.

(e) No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless a quorum is present.


The proceeding at any meeting or making of any decision shall not be invalidated by reason of any accidental informality or irregularity (including any accidental omission or failure to receive a notice).

Dispute Resolution

Dispute arising between members of the AWA UK should be managed within five working days by the Committee. If the dispute has or is likely to escalate and lead to repetitional damage of the AWA UK, the Committee shall exercise their power to remove such members under Article IV (2) (c) of the Constitution.

Constitution and By-Law of the AWA UK

The AWA UK may amend any provision of this Constitution provided that

(a) proposed amendment to the Constitution is be made in writing to the Committee and must be signed by at least 3 members of the Committee.

(b) the Committee shall circulate proposed amendments in writing to the members of the AWA UK at the same time when the notification about the timing to the Annual General Meeting taking place;

(c) a resolution approving amendments to the Constitution is passed by two-thirds of the members of AWA UK present and voting at Annual General Meeting.

The members of the AWA UK at the Annual General Meeting have the power to alter, add to or repeal the rules or by-laws.


(a) If the members resolve to dissolve the AWA UK the Committee will remain and be responsible for winding up the affairs of the AWA UK in accordance with this clause.

(b) The Committee must collect in all the assets of the AWA UK and must pay or make provision for all the liabilities of the AWA UK.


Business of the AWA UK

(a) The financial year of the AWA UK shall run from the official registration date of AWA UK for one year and 3 weeks exactly.  

(b) Execution of AWA UK Instruments: Each cheque issued by AWA UK Committee member should be approved and signed by minimum of two signatories of AWA UK 's bank account as approved by the Committee.

(c) Account and budget shall be prepared annually and shall be presented by Treasurer to all members at the Annual General Meeting, and she is due to make recommendations for the establishment of a sound and balanced financial policy of the AWA.

(d) The Committee may appoint and remove any individual(s) as patron(s) of the AWA on such terms as it shall think fit. A patron (if not a member) shall have the right to be given notice, to attend and speak (but not vote) at the Annual General Meeting and General Meeting of the AWA UK.

Appendix 1.  Members of the First Executive Committee of AWA UK.

Simuzer Balaoghlanova;
MBA in strategy carbon management; Diploma in Management Consultancy CMI; Founder of Caspian Khazri education centre in UK; Member of Rotary Norwich.

Vice President: Lamiya Mammadova, Human Resources Executive at Baker Hughes, a GE Company; Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD),  Accredited Executive Coaching Practitioner; MS in English Studies.

Treasurer: Konul Gulverdiyeva (BA in English Language and Philology. AAT in Accounting)

Founder and Honorary President: Ulviyya Taghizade (MS in International relations and regional studies, spouse of Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the United Kingdom)